Meet the Band  
[   David Cohen  (U.K. Dave)
        Lead Guitar
  Steve Pro
Keyboards, Lead and Backup Vocals
Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Herb first took up drums at age 12, then guitar about a year later.  Growing up listening to music on AM and FM radio and having inherited his aunt's collection of 45s, Herb was influenced by most of the popular sounds of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  After receiving some classical training in college, Herb found his calling on the bass and explored the genres of rock, folk, country jazz and blues music.  "The power of music is in its ability to make you feel", says Herb.  That has been the attraction and focus of his musicianship through the years.  

In addition to his work with Masters of the Past, Herb also plays with an original, country-rock band, Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst.
Herb Deitelbaum 
        Bass Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals
[   Dave Carter   (U.S. Dave)        
    Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals
Paul LaFata
    Drums, Percussion
Born in England just outside London, Dave Cohen plays the signature guitar riffs that have echoed throughout rock and roll history.  Dave's parents gave him a guitar at age 13, as a bar mitzvah present. He would spend his time listening to and learning the techniques of the guitarists he most admired, George Harrison, Keith Richard and Eric Clapton.

Dave played with some London-based bands in the mid 60s, including one that opened for "The Four Pennies", who topped the British charts in 1964 with "Juliet".
Dave co-founded Masters Of The Past because "I know that people in America just love this music and I want to play it for them!"

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Paul started playing the drumsat age 7 after listening to his older brother's rock albums and music on the radio. He took private lessonsand played in his high school marching band, and since then has gigged and recorded with various original bands, cover bands and singer/songwriters. He especially enjoys classic rockand loves performing with the Masters and entertaining audiences.

Paul, (together with Herb on bass), lays down the rock-solid foundation upon which the Masters' music is played.

In late 2008, five seasoned musicians came together with the intention of bringing the sounds that inspired their youth to other like-minded music lovers in the San Fernando Valley vicinity.  And so, in honor of the musical heroes of their heyday, these five musicmakers created a new sound, playing music that had already stood the test of time.

And so, was born...  Masters Of The Past

 Steve started at the tender age of 5 picking out on an old Thomas organ melodies that he would hear on the radio. At age 10 his Mom bought him a second-hand honky-tonk piano and at age 13 he was given the "Meet The Beatles" LP. From then on his love for music was unconditional!

After playing for years with numerous bands and touring extensively, Steve now prefers home cookin'! He is a versatile musician and can reach the highest notes when singing back-up harmonies.
New Year's day, 1966. A birthday treat to a double-bill of the movies A Hard Days Night and Help at the local theater. The kid was hooked. At 14 Dave taught himself guitar so he could play bass and was soon in his first band. By the 1980's he was writing songs and playing the L.A. club circuit with bands such as The Phones, The Avenues, & The Holidays. The 1990's were devoted to songwriting and recording which gave birth to a solo CD "March To August" in 1997.  The next 10 years were spent alternating between bass and guitar in a blues oriented band.

In 2008, through a variety of circumstances, U.S. Dave met U.K. Dave. "This long and winding road has led me back to my roots, playing the music that is the soundtrack of my life. It's pure heaven to be playing and singing these songs. And it's a real privilege playing with such wonderful musicians as Dave, Herb, Steve, and Paul". A splendid time is guaranteed for all!
Ron Henderson
Drums (sub)
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David Gunderloy Drums (sub)​
Jimmy Caprio
Guitar, Vocals,
​Bass guitar, keyboards.